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At Daniel Taylor Lawyers, we understand you’re facing one of the biggest challenges of your life. Our accredited criminal law specialists listen to your story and fight tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome. With upfront fixed fees, you get certainty and peace of mind as we guide you through the legal system. Your battle is our priority.





We Understand Your Story

Police allege criminal acts.

Or an Intervention Order has been issued.

Maybe DHHS have threatened to remove your children.

You or a family member are now stressed, isolated and confused due to a pending court matter.

It may be that you stuffed up. Or, it may be that the police or other party have simply got it wrong.

Where this is going? You’re not sure who to turn to.

You may have relationship problems, work issues, or a crushing event.

You may have turned to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain.

You have talked to friends, looked for answers online – a police officer even gave you advice.

Your matter is serious, you need it handled and failure is not an option.

You need your story told.

You’re deeply worried

How we fight for you

At Daniel Taylor Lawyers, we will listen to you and we will fight every step of the way to tell your story and get you the right result.

We understand you. We persuade Courts and prosecutors to see the story your way.

Why Trust us?



The type of lawyer you use can greatly influence your story.

When you work with Daniel Taylor Lawyers your matter will be overseen or personally taken care of by an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist and your story will be told properly and persuasively.

Don’t settle for anything less.


We know what it means to beat impossible odds and what that means for your future. We know what good results look like for you.

We know the difference between advice you get from the internet and advice that will actually help you.

We also draw upon exceptional barristers to tell your story in complicated cases – hand picked by us to best delivery your message.


Lawyers have a bad reputation for overcharging or billing by the hour. We know certainty of legal fees is critical. We always provide an upfront agreed fixed fee, set out in writing.

That way, we are then only focused on your result. We won’t charge you extra for phone calls, meetings or photocopying.

You won’t waste our time so we won’t waste your time or money.

Our Clients’ Stories

  • W.J

    Awesome outcome. Did everything he said he would do and went above and beyond. Thanks mate! Highly recommended.

  • A.B

    Couldn’t recomend highly enough, would give ten starts if I could…

  • W.J

    Awesome outcome. Did everything he said he would do and went above and beyond. Thanks mate! Highly recommended.

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