About Us


Daniel Taylor is the Principal of the firm and appears in court on behalf of all his clients.  He brings dedication, skill and a good fight to all his cases.

Daniel has a combined Law and Arts degree from Monash University and is:

  • An Accredited Specialist In Criminal Law (2008 LIV Vic)
  • An Accredited Specialist In Childrens law (2012 LIV Vic)
  • President of the Gippsland Law Association.
  • Former Managing Lawyer of Victoria Legal Aid Gippsland Offices.

Daniel lives locally with his family and is involved in numerous community and sporting organisations.

He appears as a Tribunal member in East Gippsland Sporting Tribunals.

He is a very experienced advocate having cut his teeth at the Aboriginal Legal Service at Redfern NSW for five years, then as Managing Lawyer of the Gippsland Region of Victoria Legal Aid and now through his own Practice.

kate-SavageDaniel is also assisted by his Legal Assistant Kate Savage. Kate also manages the Victims of Crime practice administration. She is currently studying a diploma of Legal Administration and is dedicated to the firm and its clients.