Legal Aid

You may be eligible for a grant from Legal Aid Victoria to pay for some or all of the following types of legal work:
• legal advice
• helping you resolve matters in dispute
• preparing legal documents
• representing you in court.

Grants of legal assistance are usually for criminal or family matters, but they can also be given in some other matters such as immigration, social security, mental health or discrimination cases.

Who can get a grant of legal assistance

When considering if you are eligible for a grant, Legal Aid we look at:
• what your case is about
• the likely benefit to you
• if helping you can benefit the public
• your financial situation using a means test.

Means test

The means test applies to most adults and takes into account:
• money you get from work, welfare benefits or other sources
• if you own anything of value, like a house or car
• your weekly living expenses.

The means test also looks at whether you support anyone else, or if they support you.

Taylor-1Daniel Taylor Lawyers can arrange a Grant of Legal Assistance application for you to help pay for the legal assistance provided.