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Types of Invention Orders in Victoria

• Family violence intervention orders
• Personal safety intervention orders.

Making an Intervention Order Application

You can make an Application against anybody who has effectively:
• harassed
• assaulted
• threatened
• intimidated, or
• otherwise wrongfully interfered with you in any manner of ways

The Court must be satisfied on the balance of probabilities that this conduct has occurred towards you and may happen again.

Responding to an Order Against You

Having an intervention order against you can have serious ramifications particularly in relation to gun licences and certain types of employment.

Intervention order hearings are stressful as you will be directly opposed to the person you are having difficulties with. Daniel Taylor has successful defended (and prosecuted) numerous intervention orders and applications.

There are a number of legal strategies Daniel can discuss with you that can put you in a far stronger position when it comes to a court hearing involving an intervention order. Daniel can also cross examine any applicants for an intervention order and expose the deficiencies in their evidence.

Someone to Fight for You

If you are responding to or applying for an intervention order, Daniel Taylor Lawyers are able to assist. Daniel Taylor has years of experience in both applying and responding to intervention orders.

Be they neighbourhood disputes or family relationships, Daniel Taylor is able to ensure that your views are heard. If you need someone to fight for you call Daniel Taylor Lawyers now on 5152 6262.

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