Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

(LLB | BA Accredited Specialist)

Director and Principal Lawyer


  • Admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of NSW in August 2001
  • Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Specialist
  • Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Children's Law Specialist
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts

Some days are tough in this job. Some days are great. But each client that walks through the door will receive 100% dedication, understanding and a warm welcome from me and my team. You matter. You count. Your story needs to be told and your battle is ready to be fought. We will get you through this.

Daniel Taylor


Daniel Taylor is the Principal of the firm and appears in court on behalf of all of his clients. He brings dedication, skill and a good fight to all of his cases. Daniel was set for a dazzling career in the commercial world. He lived in Sydney and had an office with a harbour view, working for a major consulting firm after completing his law degree.

He was ready to launch into the field of merchant banking when a freak opportunity presented itself to take a stint at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern as a lawyer in 2001… This changed his life forever. He realised he could make a real difference to people’s lives. He witnessed what good people go through when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the relentless jaws of a police apparatus. He found his calling. To fight for those who could not fight for themselves. To stare down the system for good people facing stacked odds.

To believe in the good of the client. To believe that everyone, in spite of their background or current predicament, deserves hard-fought justice. He knows what it is like. He knows you are not a bad person. He will be your champion and friend through the minefield. He will get you to the other side. Daniel’s education, qualifications and community positions serve his clients well.

He has a combined Law and Arts degree from Monash University with distinctions in Criminal Law and Evidence Law, and is:

  • An Accredited Specialist In Criminal Law (2008 Law Institute Vic)
  • An Accredited Specialist In Children’s law (2012 Law Institute of Vic)
  • Former Managing Lawyer of Victoria Legal Aid Gippsland Offices
  • President of the Gippsland Law Association (2012-2019)
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