Jewel Scionti

Jewel Scionti

Legal Intake and Receptionist


Jewel Scionti is the welcoming face and first point of contact as the Receptionist and Legal Intake Specialist at Daniel Taylor Lawyers. With her roots deeply embedded in the community and a rich history in hospitality, Jewel has honed her interpersonal skills in bustling environments, including prominent bars and restaurants. This background has equipped her with the ability to handle the dynamic demands of a legal office with grace and efficiency.

Jewel’s exceptional communication skills ensure that every client feels heard and valued from the moment they engage with our firm. Her pleasant and caring disposition has consistently earned her excellent feedback from clients, who appreciate her attentive and compassionate approach.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Jewel enjoys camping and exploring the great outdoors, activities that complement her meticulous attention to detail— a trait that serves her well both in her professional and personal pursuits. A proud owner of a Toyota Hilux, she embodies the spirit of adventure and reliability.

Coming from a family with a strong legacy in legal support, Jewel jokes that she has been in legal offices since she was about two years old. Her lifelong exposure to the legal field has ingrained in her a deep understanding of the nuances of legal assistance, making her an invaluable asset to our team at Daniel Taylor Lawyers. Jewel’s dedication and warm professionalism continue to enhance our firm’s commitment to providing outstanding service to our clients.

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